Crazy Chicken - Heart of Tibet

Crazy Chicken - Heart of Tibet 1.0

A new challenge for the daring treasure hunter Crazy Chicken!
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Innumerable adventurers and treasure hunters have tried to climb the mountain of Shlimalaya, infiltrate the SingSong Monks' monastery and obtain the Heart of Tibet, a treasure which is rumored to have magical qualities, but none have been successful.

Crazy Chicken will have to deal with many new and dastardly enemies, evade countless traps, cross rough terrain and battle snowdrifts. Yetis, local spirits and demons will do their best to hinder our hero on his way to the summit. Then he will face the powerful, battle-hardened brothers themselves.

And they are determined to protect the HEART OF TIBET at any cost ...
3 different level sets with a total of 21 levels await the player in the sequel to Crazy Chicken - The good, the egg and the ugly. Once again, players will have to put their skills to the test with risky jumps across crevices in the rock and the glaciers, as well as overcoming a number of nasty traps.

Crazy Chicken will jump, climb and fight with his fists and his gun in diverse landscapes, collecting a wealth of precious gems and gold. The successful gameplay of "The good, the egg and the ugly" has been adopted for the sequel and expanded upon - for example, special treasures which can allow access to bonus areas within levels encourage the player to play Crazy Chicken - Heart of Tibet again and again.

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